We Are By The Apostle Taught

We are by the Apostle taught,
And in his doctrine see,
How carefull every christian ought
In all their lives to be.

The Gospel brings the truth to sight,
And spreads a bright display!
And ignorance like, as the night,
Thereby is drove away.

This blessed light to us is shown,
O may it shine within,
To make our state by nature known,
And feel the weight of sin.

Yet sure Salvation thro’ the blood
Of Jesus we obtain!
And thus restor’d unto our God,
And made his own again.

Then, O ye christians pray be wise;
Exert your inmost pow’r–
Strive from the sleep of sin to rise,
Awake and sleep no more.

The night is past and fully spent,
Let works of darkness cease:
The blessed light that Jesus sent
Creates establish’d peace.