We Are Called By One Vocation

We are called by one vocation,
Members of one family,
Heirs through Christ of one salvation,
Let us live in harmony;
Nor by strife embitter life,
Journeying to eternity.

In a land where all are strangers,
And our sojourning so short,
In the midst of common dangers
Concord is our best support;
Heart with heart divides the smart,
Lightens grief of ev’ry sort.

Let us shun all vain contention
Touching words and outward things,
Whence, alas! so much dissension
And such bitter rancor springs;
Troubles cease, where Christ brings peace
And sweet healing on His wings.

Judge not hastily of others,
But thine own salvation mind;
Nor be mindful of thy brother’s,
To thine own offenses blind;
God alone discerns thine own,
And the hearts of all mankind.

Let it be our chief endeavor
That we may the Lord obey,
Then shall envy cease forever
And all hate be done away;
Free from strife shall be his life
Who serves God both night and day!