We Are Pilgrims On Lifes Journey Winsett

We are pilgrims on life’s journey,
Trav’ling to a home beyond;
If we keep the narrow pathway,
Soon life’s vict’ry will be won.

I will meet you on the golden shore,
When my labors here are o’er,
When the final trumpets sound
And the dead rise from the ground,
I will meet you on the golden shore.

We are working for our Master,
Walking in the narrow way;
And His blessed Spirit leads us,
To the home of endless day. [Refrain]

May His peace and power keep us,
Till with Him at last we stand;
Ever free from condemnation,
In that happy, glory-land. [Refrain]

Won’t that be a happy meeting,
With all pain and sorrow past;
Yes, ’twill be a joyful greeting,
There to dwell with Him at last. [Refrain]