We Are Pressing Onward Day By Day To A

We are pressing onward day by day,
To a country lying far away,
We would join the happy white robed throng,
In that blessed land of light and song.

O, that land of beauty we shall see,
In the morning of eternity,
And we’ll find the joy for which we long,
In that blessed land of light and song.

Tho’ our pathway lead thro’ sombre shade,
We will journey onward undismayed,
For we have the promise by and by,
Of a cloudless day beyond the sky. [Refrain]

Tho’ the sounds of sorrow oft we hear,
There’s a precious hope our hearts to cheer,
There will be no mournful undertone,
In the chorus sung before God’s throne. [Refrain]

In the light of heaven we shall know,
How His love has guided us below,
‘Mid the changing scenes of earthly days,
God attunes our souls to endless praise. [Refrain]