We Are Reapers In The Field

We are reapers in the field,
Working for the King;
Busy hours their fruits now yield,
Rich reward they bring.

Working for the Lord of the harvest,
Bringing in the sheaves so fair,
Throwing out the weeds of sin,
Bringing only goodness in,
Toiling for him everywhere;
Working for the Lord of the harvest,
Sinful words and deeds we throw away;
Only love, and truth, and faith, and kindness,
Are the sheaves that we bring today.

We are reapers, young and old,
Each must do his best;
We must work with courage bold,
Striving with the rest. [Refrain]

We are reapers for the King
Mid his golden grain;
As we work our voices ring
In the glad refrain. [Refrain]