We Are Sailing Oer Lifes Stormy Ocean

We are sailing o’er life’s stormy ocean
To a better land on high;
In its smiling and sequestered harbor
We shall anchor by and by.

In the harbor-land,
On the golden strand,
We shall meet to part no more;
Storms forever past,
Anchored safe at last
On the golden shore.

Though the frowning rocks of strong temptation
May be near on every hand,
Christ, the Pilot of our ship, will guide us
Safely to the harbor-land. [Refrain]

There the waves of sin no more shall threaten
To engulf us in despair;
There the Bright and Morning Star is shining
In the harbor-land so fair. [Refrain]

Oh, the glory of that glad, sweet morning,
When our anchors we have cast!
And the golden harbor-bells are chiming
When the storms of life are past. [Refrain]