We Are Sailors On The Sea Of Life

We are sailors on the sea of life,
Youthful and strong;
Gentle breezes sweeping o’er the wave,
Wafting our bark along;
For we are sailing by a heav’nly chart,
‘Tis God’s Holy Word;
Sailing upon the sea of life,
Trusting our Lord.

Sailing, ever sailing
Upon life’s changing sea;
Sailing, ever sailing,
Our pilot Christ shall be;
Sailing, ever sailing,
Across the ocean’s foam;
Trusting our Captain ever true
Shall bring us home.

Brightly gleams the polar star above,
Leading us on;
Never failing, shining ever clear,
‘Till all the night is gone,
And day-light rising from the eastern sky,
Followed by the sun,
Finds us a joyous company,
Still sailing on. [Refrain]

Calmly sailing, not a storm we fear
By night or day;
We’ve an anchor that securely holds,
When storms sweep o’er our way;
For God Himself shall hold the rolling sea
In His mighty hand;
Surely He’ll bring us one and all
Safely to land. [Refrain]