We Are Saved By The Grace Of Our God

We are saved by the grace of our God,
And are kept by His power and love;
All our sins washed away in the blood,
Each day we His faithfulness prove.

O how deep are the riches of grace,
How great is the love Christ has shown,
When He stood in the poor sinner’s place:
No love like His ever was known.

We were sunk in the ruins of sin,
But swiftly He came to our aid;
O’er our foes He did victory win,
For us, peace with God He has made. [Refrain]

O how wondrous the grace of our God,
How sweet and how joyous the thought,
That Christ ransomed our souls with His blood,
For us He salvation has bought! [Refrain]

Ye poor souls, who are wand’ring astray,
So far, far away from your God,
If ye come to the Savior today,
He’ll cleanse all your sins in His blood. [Refrain]