We Are Singing Sweetest Praises

We are singing sweetest praises
In our sabbath school today,
Learning lessons of the Master,
He the life, the truth, the way.

Singing praises, sweetest praises
Of the heavenly home above;
We are singing glad hosannas
Of the Father and his love.

We are weeping o’er Christ’s suffering,
Weeping o’er the blood he shed,
But our sigh will change to singing
When his crown is on our head. [Chorus]

We are singing sweetest praises
Of the Savior crucified,
Who for love of us, his children,
Came to earth and lived and died. [Chorus]

Sweetest praises, glad hosannas,
WE will sing to him for aye,
Who doth keep our feet from falling
When they falter in the way. [Chorus]