We Are Soldiers Bravely Battling

We are soldiers bravely battling for the right;
Christ, our mighty Captain, leads us in the fight;
We will win the day and put the foe to flight,
For our Leader will fail us never.
Jesus leads us on against the hosts of sin;
‘Tis the fight of faith and by His grace we’ll win;
With a song of praise His courts we’ll enter in;
There to dwell in His presence for ever.

Forward, ye soldiers of Jesus!
Your Captain’s orders obey, never fear!
Forward, ye soldiers, go forward!
The whole wide world must the gospel hear.
Dark tho’ the tempest may lower,
It shall not harm those who trust in the Lord;
Faithfully follow your Leader,
And you shall have His abundant reward.

See our valiant host now rally ’round the cross,
Cleans’d from sin and purified from earthly dross,
Lifting high our banner, ne’er to suffer loss;
He who died on the cross now beholds us.
For the love of Him who did our souls redeem,
For the love of souls adrift on sin’s broad stream,
We will shouting go, and this shall be our theme-
We must conquer the wide world for Jesus. [Refrain]

When by grace the fight of faith is grandly won,
And the shades of night proclaim that day is done,
To that city where they ne’er will need the sun,
Christ will lead us in triumph supernal.
Then with shouts of joy we’ll sing the victor’s song,
While the heav’nly arches shall the strain prolong,
While the angels gaze upon the countless throng,
We will crown Him the King Eternal. [Refrain]