We Are Soldiers Every One

We are soldiers ev’ry one,
And the fight is just begun,
And the Captain ever stands hard by;
For He sees our ev’ry need,
And our inmost thoughts doth read,
As we Satan’s Host defy.

Then forward all, for the Captain’s nigh,
Then fight full well, for He stands hard by,
With a victor’s crown.

When the foes are thick around,
And we try to stand our ground,
And each heart is ever beating high;
Then the Soldiers of the Lord
Use the Spirit’s mighty sword,
And assure the victory. [Chorus]

When our sins around us low’r,
And we feel their mighty power,
When our hearts are nearly faint with fear;
Then we look to Him above,
Whom we honour and we love,
And He says, “Be of good cheer.” [Chorus]

When the battle clouds are past,
And we find our home at last,
Then the joy of every heart shall be:
The song of living praise,
To the Father of all days,
That shall sound from sea to sea. [Chorus]