We Are Soldiers Faithful Soldiers

We are soldiers, faithful soldiers, we’ll be trusty, true and strong;
We have joined the Savior’s army, and to him we now belong;
We are underneath his banner, and we follow everywhere-
For wherever he may lead us, there is safety in his care.

Soldiers of the King, we are soldiers off the King!
Marching in his footsteps, joyfully we sing!
Safe beneath his banner, victory he’ll bring;
Sin’s alarm can never harm the soldiers of the King.

We are soldiers, valiant soldiers, and we’re fighting for our King;
Where the foes of Jesus enter, there our battle cry shall ring;
We will fight them bravely, gladly, till they all are driv’n away,
And the army of the Master, all triumphant, wins the day! [Refrain]

We are soldiers, happy soldiers, for we know his way is best,
So we do whate’er he tells us, and we trust him for the rest;
Not a danger can o’ertake us, not a foe can do us harm,
For we’re under the protection of his strong and mighty arm. [Refrain]