We Are Soldiers In The Army Of The Jones

We are soldiers in the army of the mighty King of kings,
And his banner is before us, praise his name!
As we gather up the trophies, how the soul within us sings,
Oh, we love to serve our Captain, praise his name!

We are soldiers in the army of the King,
And his banner is above us, praise his name.
We will serve the royal captain every blessed day the same,
Till the enemy vile is conquered, praise his name.

We may stand among the foremost in the blessed cause of right,
If we keep our armor shining, praise his name!
We can take the mighty strongholds on the left and on the right,
Can do all things thro’ our Captain, praise his name! [Refrain]

With the Spirit’s sword uplifted we can face the sinful host,
For it is a goodly weapon, praise his name!
Ever loyal to our Captain, ever keeping at our post,
We will sing the song of triumph, praise his name! [Refrain]