We Are Soldiers In The Army Of The Lord

We are soldiers in the army of the Lord,
Marching on, marching on;
We are trusting in the power of his word,
Marching on, marching.
No foe we fear, when he is near,
To lead us on our way;
We’ll trust his word, nor sheathe the sword,
‘Til we gain the battle day.

Then raise the blood-stained banner high,
Beneath its folds we stand;
See how the hosts of Satan fall
At the sound of the Christian band.

We have taken up the Spirit’s mighty sword,
Marching on, marching on.
We march along, and this our song
Forevermore shall be,
He suffered loss upon the cross,
And he died to make us free. [Chorus]

See how Satan’s hosts are gath’ring far and near,
Marching on, marching on.
We’re all arrayed with shield and blade,
And eager for the fray;
Tho’ Satan’s host my proudly boast,
Still we’re sure to win the day. [Chorus]