We Are Soldiers Little Soldiers

We are soldiers, little soldiers,
Fighting for our King and Lord;
Every time we win a battle,
He has promised a reward;
He has promised every soldier,
If they dare the right to do,
Promised them a crown of glory,
If they fight the battle through.

So we march, march away,
Not a moment’s delay,
‘Neath our banner bright, for God and right,
We’re sure to win the day.

We are soldiers, little soldiers,
Bravely fighting every sin;
With our Savior for our Captain
We shall all our battles win;
He has promised, if we ask Him,
He will help us day by day;
So we’ll bravely march to battle,
Praying, singing all the way. [Refrain]

When at last the fight is over,
And we’ve reached the heav’nly shore,
We shall hear our Savior saying,
“Rest, my soldiers, evermore;
You have bravely fought My battles,
Bravely fought and nobly won,
Enter into joys eternal-
Soldiers of the Lord, well done!” [Refrain]

Jewels for Juniors, (Timeless Truths)