We Are Soldiers Of Christ Who Is Mighty

We are soldiers of Christ, who is mighty to save,
And His banner, the cross, is unfurled;
We are pledged to be faithful and steadfast and brave
Against Satan, the flesh, and the world.

We are brothers and comrades, we stand side by side,
And our faith and our hope are the same;
And we think of the cross on which Jesus has died,
When we bear the reproach of His Name.

We will watch ready armed if the tempter draw near,
If he come with a frown or a smile;
We will heed not his threats, not his flatteries hear,
Nor be taken by storm or by wile.

For the world’s love we live not, its hate we defy,
And we will not be led by the throng;
We’ll be true to ourselves, to our Father on high,
And the bright world to which we belong.