We Are Soldiers Of The King As We March

We are soldiers of the King,
As we march we sweetly sing
Glad hosannas to our Leader in the fight;
We have left the path of sin,
And no longer walk therein,
We are battling for the truth with all our might.

We are soldiers of the King,
We are soldiers of the King,
In our Leader’s name we go,
And he’ll conquer ev’ry foe,
We are soldiers of the King.

Foes we meet both great and strong,
For we fight against the wrong,
But the orders of our Captain we obey;
In our Leader’s name we fight,
Clad in armour clean and bright,
So we conquer all our foes along the way. [Refrain]

To the army of our King
Ev’ry day we seek to bring
Other soldiers who will join us in the fight;
With the sword of faith in hand,
A united fearless band,
We’ll go forward in the fray for God and right. [Refrain]

Courage! soldiers of the Cross!
Count all earthly things but loss,
Fight the fight of faith, nor put your armour down,
Till the hosts of darkness yield,
And our King has won the field,
Then in heaven we shall wear the victor’s crown. [Refrain]