We Are Soldiers Of The Lord Purinton

We are soldiers of the Lord,
Marching on with shield and sword,
‘Neath the banner bright
Of Truth and Right;
We shall conquer in His might.

We’ll march, we’ll fight,
For Truth and the Right,
In God’s own might,
Till we shout the victory.

We are striving for the lost
In the ranks of Satan’s host,
Till the captives be
From bondage free;
For in Christ is liberty. [Refrain]

With the hosts of sense and sin,
Foes without and foes within,
We will battle still,
With royal will;
We shall fear no coming ill. [Refrain]

We shall overcome our foes,
Though the powers of hell oppose,
For the Right is strong
To conquer Wrong,
Though the battle may be long. [Refrain]