We Are Sowing The Seed Of The Word Of Li

We are sowing the seed of the word of life,
We are sowing each day in a world of strife;
We are sowing with care in the morning bright;
We are sowing till late, in the shades of night.

Chorus: What we sow in the sunshine, or sow in the rain;
What we scatter abroad we shall gather again!
O, that will the harvest be, that will the harvest be,
O, that will the harvest, harvest be.

We are sowing the seed in a world of pain,
We are sowing in faith, we shall reap again;
We are sowing in hope, from the field to win
Some poor soul, in the harvest to gather in. [Chorus]

We are sowing each day, in our word and deed,
We are sowing the truth with an earnest heed;
With a diligent hand we delight to sow,
In the morning and eve, where the wheat may grow. [Chorus]

We are sowing in tears, we shall reap ere long,
When the Master shall come, with the angel throng;
Then we’ll rest from our sorrows, our toils and cares,
In the mansions of light, when he burns the tares. [Chorus]

If we sow to the Spirit, our life is sure;
If we labor in faith, to the end endure;
Tho’ with weeping we sow, yet with joy we’ll come,
When we bring in our sheaves, to the harvest home. [Chorus]