We Are Speeding Speeding Onward

We are speeding, speeding onward
to the great triumphant day,
When we’ll lay our burdens down at Jesus’ feet;
With the mighty host unnumbered
we shall stand in white array-
In the grandeur so amazing lost complete.

Speeding onward, home to glory,
Where the saved with Jesus dwell,
Soon we’ll join that happy chorus,
Evermore His praises swell.

We are speeding, speeding onward,
we the victory shall win,
And in triumph we shall safely reach the goal;
Tho’ the clouds may gather o’er us
we’ll not lose the sight of Him,
‘Tis His presence that illuminates the soul. [Refrain]

We are speeding, speeding onward
to the blessed home above,
O the joys that will attend us over there!
Then we’ll shout and sing the praises
of the Savior’s wondrous love,
As we enter into mansions bright and fair. [Refrain]