We Are Sweeping Through The Land

WE are sweeping through the land,
With the sword of God in hand,
We are watching and we’re praying while we fight;
On the wings of love we’ll fly
To the souls about to die,
And we’ll lead them to behold the precious light.

With the conquering Son of God
Who has washed us in his blood,
Dangers braving, sinners saving,
We are sweeping lhrough the land.

O the blessed Lord of light,
We will serve him with our might,
And his arm shall bring salvation to the poor!
They shall lean upon his breast,
Know the sweetness of his rest;
Of his pardon he the vilest will assure.

We are sweeping on to win
Perfect victory over sin,
And we’ll shout the Saviour’s praises evermore;
When the strife on earth is done,
And the final victory’s won,
We’ll rejoin our conquering comrades gone before.