We Are The Children Of The Church

We are the children of the church,
Our mothers reared by prayer;
The church our fathers fortified,
By faith and manly care.

Our fathers’ church-our mothers’ church-
Is just the church for me;
Our fathers’ church-our mothers’ church-
Mine evermore shall be.

Strong are its massive gates and wide,
Its walls a towering pile;
Alike impregnable to all
Who would its courts defile. [Refrain]

Numerous its people as the stars,
As pledged in days of old;
And will be as the countless sand,
A number yet untold. [Refrain]

And stirred it is by lofty aims,
Of love toward man and God,
And will be till the world accepts
Messiah’s staff and rod. [Refrain]

How glorious then, this heritage,
Burdened with storied wealth,
Enriching us and all mankind
With life, and peace, and health. [Refrain]

As gathered on the Children’s Day
We at its altars vow,
To mark its bulwarks, tell its towers,
And hold our place as now. [Refrain]