We Are Travelers Walking In The Glory Of

We are trav’lers walking in the glory of the Lord,
Marching all the way unto endless day;
Flinging high our banner, tell our purpose to the world;
God will we obey!
Whatever foes may come tomorrow, foes to bring us sorrow-
Still our trust in God shall stay;
He who holds the world will ever save His trusting child-
Save His trusting child.

Our God reigneth in the heavens, Praise the Lord!
O praise our God, praise, praise His loving-kindness,
Praise the Lord,
Our God! hearkens to His children who adore Him,
Praise, O praise the Lord,
O praise Him now and evermore.

Hither now we rally for the service of our God!
Happy, happy band- we together stand,
Living for the kingdom of the blessed King of Kings,
Heed we His command;
O let us tell the wondrous story, how the Lord of glory
Came to earth from Glory land;
Came to bring salvation to a sinful, dying world-
Sinful, dying world. [Refrain]

Neither men or angels cannot fully tell His love;
Yet this love is mine-boundless and divine;
Shall we come repenting, living for the life above,
Helped by pow’r divine;
O may we all that love be showing, peace and joy bestowing,
Shining as a light for God!
Glorifying Jesus who is King and Lord of all-
King and Lord of all. [Refrain]