We Are Traveling Home To Heaven By The S

We are trav’ling home to Heaven by the straight and narrow way,
Which the saints and martyrs have before us trod;
In the cross of Christ we glory as we journey day by day,
Pressing onward to the city of our God.

We will talk it o’er together by and by (by and by)
When we reach that holy city, you and I,
How thro’ grace we’ve overcome, and have reached our heav’nly home;
We will talk it o’er together by and by.

There with Moses and Elias, and with Peter and with Paul,
We’ll recount the triumphs of redeeming grace;
Best of all, we’ll see our Savior, hail and crown him Lord of all,
And unite His praise to sing thro’ endless days. [Chorus]

We will look back o’er the journey by our heav’nly Father planned,
Knowing that His will was best for you and me;
And the things which here perplex us, which we cannot understand,
In that glorious day of days made plain will be. [Chorus]