We Are Traveling To The Glory

We are trav’ling to the glory,
Yes, the glory-land is near;
And we want you to go with us,
While the way is made so clear.

To the glory-land, to the glory-land,
Won’t you come to the glory-land?
Thro’ the Savior’s blood, reconciled to God,
Won’t you come to the glory-land?

There are loved ones in the glory,
There are joys beyond compare;
Now the voice of God is calling,
Bidding us to bring you there. [Refrain]

Not a sin can enter yonder,
For the Word of God is sure,
That you cannot see the Father,
Not until your heart is pure. [Refrain]

Won’t you start tonight for glory,
Tell the Savior of your sin?
He has promised to forgive you,
If you come to God thro’ Him. [Refrain]