We Are Very Little Sowers

We are very little sowers in a broad and fertile field;
We are sowing, sowing, sowing ev’ry day;
What we sow while here we tarry the great harvest day will yield,
Filling ev’ry heart with gladness or dismay.

Sowing, sowing, sowing ev’ry day
Scattering the tiny seeds.
Sowing, sowing all along the way
Sowing little words and deeds.

Oh we cannot be too careful what we scatter by the way;
While we’re sowing, sowing, sowing here and there.
Let us watch each precious moment while at work or at our play,
That our sowing may be done with loving care. [Chorus]

Soon the Master of the harvest in his glory will appear,
He will gather that which we’ve been sowing here,
Then, dear heavenly Father, help us give us wisdom now we pray;
May we come with sheaves rejoicing in that day. [Chorus]