We Are Volunteers For Service In The Vin

We are volunteers for service in the vineyard of the Lord!
With the vows of God upon us, and with one accord,
We are marching forth to duty, all in earnest to begin
Sheaves of good to gather from the fields of sin.

Marching on, marching on!
Making hill and valley ring
With the praises of our King;
Marching on, marching on!
Until victory triumphantly we sing.

We have heard the Master calling,
“Who will go and work today?”
And with ringing hallelujahs we the call obey;
To the fields we go to labor for the blessed Lord we love,
Souls to gather for the harvest home above. [Refrain]

Forward, then, we go rejoicing, for the day will soon be gone!
Like an army, one in purpose, we are marching on;
On to gather in the harvest that is rip’ning o’er the plain,
On to gather in the sheaves of golden grain. [Refrain]