We Are Waiting Blessed Jesus

We are waiting, blessed Jesus,
Watching, waiting, still for Thee;
Thou hast told us Thou art coming,
We are waiting patiently.

Hasten Thou, dear Lord, Thy coming,
We hosannas then shall sing,
Shouting Glory! Hallelujah!
Crown Immanuel, the King!

Lamps all trimmed and brightly burning,
Ready we would always be;
For the cry, The Bridegroom cometh!
We are waiting eagerly. [Refrain]

Occupying, till Thou comest;
Thus Thy Word we would obey;
Then, O Lord, Thou wilt reward us,
On that bright and gladsome day. [Refrain]

Now in Heaven, Thou dost tarry,
Our high priest within the veil,
While we wait for Thine appearing,
Knowing well Thou wilt not fail. [Refrain]