We Are Waiting For The Master To Call Us

We are waiting for the Master
To call us home;
We are longing for the mansions above;
Where the blessed Savior waits
For His children’s coming,
To assign to them the city of love.
Where our weary souls shall rest, sweetly rest,
Lovingly on Jesus’ breast, gentle breast.

Full Chorus:
O we long to reach the shore,
Where our sorrows shall be o’er,
And our happiness shall be complete.

O our hearts are full of care
While on earth we dwell,
But there’s rapture, joy and gladness above.
When our weary march is ended,
We’ll enter mansions
Jesus gives us in the city of love.
There no more our steps shall roam, sadly roam,
But with Jesus be at home, blessed home. [Chorus]

Here our way is oft made sad
By the fruits of sin,
But we turn our tearful eyes far above;
Then our hearts are all aglow
With the joys celestial
Waiting for us in the city of love.
God will wipe away each tear, blinding tear,
And will take away all fear, every fear. [Chorus]