We Are Workers For The King

We are workers for the King,
In the vineyard of the Lord;
He sustains us by his grace,
And so sure is our reward.
We his willing subjects toil,
From the dawn till close of day;
For the work indeed is great,
None our progress here may stay.

We are workers for the King,
And are loyal ev’ry one;
There awaits a robe and crown,
For us when the day is done.

We are workers for the King,
And Immanuel is his name;
Jesus, Savior, Prince of Peace,
And to save the lost he came.
Lo! his precious blood was shed,
‘Twas for us he lived and died;
That our souls might be redeem’d,
Christ was scourged and crucified. [Refrain]

We are workers for the King,
Earnest workers for the Lord,
Ready to obey his will;
With his word of truth our sword,
Willingly we’ll strive for him,
Tho’ the conflict may be long,
We’ll be valiant soldiers, true,
And we’ll triumph over wrong. [Refrain]