We Believe This Hour In The Old

We believe this hour in the old-time pow’r,
That our fathers felt in the long ago;
And we pray Thee, Lord, send a mighty show’r
And Thy blessing upon us now bestow.

Send the old-time Pentecost now,
Send the old-time Pentecost now;
Let Thy saving grace fill this hallowed place,
Send the old-time Pentecost now.

At Thy loving call we surrender all,
Come and claim us Lord, as Thy very own;
Let Thy holy pow’r in abundance fall,
We will ever be Thine and Thine alone. [Refrain]

Let the floods descend, while our prayers ascend,
And Thy saving grace all our hearts renew,
Come and fill us now while our praises blend,
Come and cleanse us and purge us thro’ and thro. [Refrain]

We are waiting Lord, all of one accord,
Grant the blessing now that we sorely need;
Flood our souls with pow’r and fulfill Thy word,
While we earnestly pray and while we plead. [Refrain]