We Bless The Father And The Son

We bless the Father and the Son,
We bless the Holy Ghost likewise;
We praise the sacred Three in One,
Who made our souls from sin to rise.

Thy sacred precepts we receive,
O Lord we bless thy holy name,
That thou should ever give us leave,
And charge us to obey the same.

It is an honor to obey,
Thy great commands before all men
So we have trod the watery way,
For in the water Christ hath been.

This ordinance O Lord we keep,
According to thy wise design;
Lord may we walk among thy sheep;
We seek no other fold but thine.

Lord guide us by thy counsel here,
Will we this gloomy vale have past;
Save us from sin, save us from fear,
And bring us to thyself at last.

The Christian’s duty, exhibited in a series of hymns,