We Bless The God Whose Bounteous Love

We bless the God whose bounteous love
Through all creation flows;
Who pours his blessings from above,
And life and bliss bestows.

God reigns on high, but not confines
His goodness to the skies;
Through the whole earth his bounty shines,
And every want supplies.

With longing eyes thy creatures wait
On him for daily food,
His lib’ral hand provides them meat,
And fills their hearts with good.

Benign Creator! bounteous Lord!
Where’er we turn our eyes,
Fruits of thy wisdom, pow’r, and love,
In beauteous order rise.

Then let our cheerful hearts and tongues
Proclaim the praise divine:
Thou, Lord, hast given the rich increase,
And be the glory thine.