We Bow Our Knees Unto The Father

We bow our knees unto the Father
Of Christ the Lord of earth and heaven,
That riches of His grace and glory
And pow’r for service may be given.

We are waiting for the promise of the Father-
For the Holy Spirit’s power;
O our Father, for Thy Spirit we are waiting,
even now, this very hour.

O fill the inward man with power,
As Christ within our hearts doth dwell;
Our root in Him tho’ storms may lower,
Victorious love we still shall tell. [Refrain]

The love that passeth knowledge give us,
Its height and depth and breadth and length;
Abundantly beyond our asking,
Beyond our thought give us Thy strength. [Refrain]

Thy pow’r it is that worketh in us,
O multiply it here today,
And Christ, our Lord, shall have the glory
Within His church thro’ endless day. [Refrain]