We Bring No Glittering Treasures

We bring no glittering treasures,
No gems from earth’s deep mine;
We come, with simple measures,
To chant Thy love divine.
Children, thy favours sharing,
Their voice of thanks would raise;
Father, accept our offering,
Our song of grateful praise.

That priceless gift of heaven,
Love’s written word of truth,
To us is early given,
To guide our steps in youth;
We hear the wondrous story,
The tale of Calvary;
We read of homes in glory,
From sin and sorrow free.

Redeemer, grant Thy blessing!
O teach us how to pray,
That each, Thy fear possessing,
May tread life’s onward way!
Then, where the pure are dwelling
We hope to meet again,
And, sweeter numbers swelling,
For ever praise Thy name.