We Bring Our Offerings Today

We bring our offerings today,
Tho’ small and humble they may be;
Upon Thy altar, Lord, we lay,
And consecrate ourselves to Thee.

Come, Holy Ghost, for Thee we call!
Come in Thy soul-transforming pow’r;
We consecrate our lives and all,
For Thee to use from this blest hour.

Our bodies to Thee, Lord, we give,
A living sacrifice to be;
O come, and in these temples live;
Abide in us and we in Thee. [Refrain]

Our minds we consecrate to Thee,
And in Thy law they shall delight;
Accept our gifts, let each one be
A burning and a shining light. [Refrain]

Our spirits, too, we now resign
To be made clean from inbred sin;
O make them good and pure like Thine,
Then enter and abide within. [Refrain]

Our bodies, minds and spirits, Lord,
Without reserve to Thee we give,
And trusting in Thy Holy Word,
For Jesus only will we live. [Refrain]