We Can See The Gleam Afar

We can see the gleam afar
Of “the bright and morning star,”
As we journey on our homeward way;
‘Soon earth’ shadows will be past,
And our souls rejoice at last
In the dawn of everlasting day.

On the happy golden shore,
WE shall meet to part no more,
And the face of Jesus see,
Who once died for you and me,
And we’ll sing His praise thro’ endless days.

When our eyes behold the light
Of that land which has no night,
God’s own hand shall wipe away all tears;
We shall see Him face to face
Who hath saved us by His grace,
And repeat His praise thro’ endless years. [Refrain]

Our sad hearts, with longing filled
For the voices death has stilled,
And the faces lost to mortal sight,
Shall unite love’s broken chain
When we clasp our own again,
In the morning of eternal light. [Refrain]