We Can Shout Before The Battle

We can shout before the battle,
Glory be to Jesus’ name!
For we have the blessed promise,
And the victory we claim;
City walls will fall before us,
All our foes will flee away,
When they hear God’s mighty army
Shouting on its conq’ring way.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!
We the victor’s pathway tread;
Glory for the present triumph,
And for victories ahead.

Shouts beforehand are as forceful
As the mighty earthquake shock,
And before our notes of triumph
Earthborn structures reel and rock;
Fetters break and fall asunder,
Prison doors are opened wide,
And we onward sweet to vict’ry,
Like the sea’s restless tide. [Refrain]

So we meet the foe around us,
Follow close our gracious King,
Praise him for the promised triumph,
Of his holiness we sing.
As we march with glad hosannas
Ev’ry barricade must fall,
We shall never be defeated,
Shouts of faith will conquer all. [Refrain]