We Cannot Be The Heirs Of Grace By Merit

We cannot be the heirs of grace
By merits of self-righteousness;
In all we do we cannot find
That which subdews the carnal mind.

Though train’d and tutor’d by the law,
We still remain in fear and awe;
All we can think, or say or do
Cannot create the heart anew.

It cannot make a foe a child,
Nor yet to God be reconcil’d;
That poison which remains within,
will keep the mind enslav’d to sin.

But God had laid a better plan
To save the helpless race of man,
It was his only blessed son
Could save, and none but him alone.

Thus when the time was all complete,
The time the Lord himself had set;
The Saviour came and shed his blood
And died to make us heirs of God.