We Christians Should Ever Consider

We Christians should ever consider
What Christ hath so graciously taught;
For He who hath made us His children
Would have us retain in our thought
How little things earthly do merit,
Lest we, who should heaven inherit,
The heavenly prize leave unsought.

All nature a sermon may preach thee;
The birds sing thy murmurs away;
The birds, which, nor sowing nor reaping,
God fails not to feed day by day;
And He who those creatures doth cherish,
He never will leave thee to perish;
Or art thou not better than they?

The lilies, nor toiling nor spinning,
Their clothing how gorgeous and fair!
What tints in their tiny robes woven,
What wondrous devices are there!
All Solomon’s stores could not render
One festival robe of such splendor
As the modest field lilies do wear.

If God o’er the grass and the flowers
Such delicate beauty hath spread,–
The flowers which to-day are so fragrant,
To-morrow are faded and dead;–
Oh why, then, should earthly cares fret thee?
Thy Father will never forget thee,
Nor fail to provide thee with bread.