We Come To Sing Of Our Savior King

We come to sing of our Savior King,
And to tell His love loudly our song shall ring;
To sound His praise we our voices raise,
And proclaim to all Jesus our Lord is King.

Sing out His wonderful story,
Sing of His wonderful love;
Tell how He came from His glory,
Tell how He left the mansions above;
Tell how He suffered on Calv’ry;
How He arose from the grave;
Sing out His story of wonderful glory,
And pow’r to save.

With heart and voice let the earth rejoice,
Let His wondrous love quicken our lips to song;
With sweet accord we will praise our Lord,
And each grateful heart ever His praise prolong. [Refrain]

With Truth unfurled o’er the whole wide world,
All he kings of earth shall their glad homage bring;
In tones that swell, of His goodness tell,
Until all confess Jesus our Lord is King. [Refrain]