We Come To Thank You God By Singing

We come to thank you, God, by singing
your praises in our evening song.
The sunlight may be disappearing,
but you, our light, stay bright and strong.
You have surrounded us with favor,
more than a father you have been.
Our source of blessing will not waver;
your mercies, Lord, are clearly seen.

You chose to safeguard us forever;
your hand has fed us, led us through.
When we were troubled, you were ever
our helper near, so close and true.
This evening we must not be anxious
our minds and bodies will be blest.
We give you thanks for help so gracious;
from dawn to dawn you never rest.

We know who is our consolation,
unchanging, though night follows day.
We know the Rock, our firm foundation;
you never fail, our strength and stay.
Though you may call us in the evening
of lives made weary by our strife,
we rest our hope for brighter morning
on you, Lord of eternal life!