We Come To The House Of Our Father

We come to the house of our Father,
Rejoicing together we sing;
To Jesus, who ransomed and saved us,
Our off’rings we joyfully bring.

The heirs to the kingdom of glory,
And songs of thanksgiving we sing;
We’re heirs to the kingdom of glory,
And Jesus, who loves us, is King.

We’re tenderly guided and guarded,
We’re going to heave, our home;
Then why, in the pathway of error,
Afar from the fold should we roam? [Refrain]

As onward we journey together,
Life’s burden ’tis needless to bear;
For Jesus is ready to carry
Our sorrow, our sin and our care. [Refrain]

We’re ransomed from bondage forever,
We’re crowned with the blessing of love;
The dawn of each swift-coming morrow,
Our Father’s compassion will prove. [Refrain]