We Come Together Here Once More

We come together here, once more,
To sing and speak and pray;
None should be idle in God’s house
On this His holy day.

We are passing onward,
To our Father’s dwelling;
Onward, forward to the better land!
When we cross the river
We shall dwell forever
In the land of Paradise at God’s right hand.

Oh, how delightful here to meet,
A cheerful, happy throng,
To learn of wisdom from God’s word,
And join in gladsome song. [Refrain]

This is a work we love so well,
Sinners to win-our call,
For Jesus died to save the lost,
And grace is free for all. [Refrain]

Soon will our labors have an end
And we’ll be called to go,
To be with Christ, and all the good,
Where living waters flow. [Refrain]