We Come We Come Gods Will To Do

We come, we come,
God’s will to do,
The joyous little raindrops call;
We come, we come
To work for you,
So bid us welcome one and all.

We come to help the flow’rs,
The lovely flow’rs,
To bear the sunny hours,
The glad, bright hours;
We come to help the trees,
The grand, strong trees;
For labors such as these we come!

A joyous song
The raindrops sing,
A sweet and happy, helpful song;
They seem to try
Good cheer to bring
To others as they pass along. [Chorus]

O let us try,
Tho’ we are small
To do as little raindrops do;
With smile and song
To haste along
While busy with a service true. [Chorus]