We Come We Come Like The Hosts Of Old

We come, we come like the hosts of old to triumph over sin,
The Sunday School, in an army strong, the world for Christ to win.
We’ll onward press at the Master’s call, in armor bright arrayed,
Our voices ring in a joyous strain-the song of the “New Crusade.”

Forward! press forward, forever,
Forward! with hearts undismayed,
Forward! the world for Jesus,
The song of the “New Crusade.”

We come, we come by the will of God, the Lamp of Truth to bear,
Till shines the light of the gospel ray in glory everywhere;
With Zion’s King as our Leader true, we ne’er can be dismayed,
But praise His name, as we shout and sing the song of the “New Crusade.” [Refrain]

We come, we come in a mighty band, His cross uplifted high,
Our feet keep time to the glad refrain that floods the sunlit sky.
We forward march at the trumpet’s call, our hearts on Christ are stayed,
While loud and clear sounds the music sweet, the song of the “New Crusade.” [Refrain]