We Come We Come With Singing

We come, we come with singing,
Our happy voices ringing,
Glad welcome unto all.
We love to meet each other,
Each little friend and brother,
We love to meet our Saviour,
The dearest friend of all.

Jesus is here, Angels are near;
Sing, sing, praises sing,
Jesus is here, Angels are near;
Sing, sing praises sing.

We come, we come rejoicing,
Our happy voices ringing
Glad tidings unto all.
We sing, we sing the story.
The sweet, the sweet old story,
How Jesus came from glory,
And suffered for us all. [Chorus]

Dear Saviour, grant thy blessing
While we, our wants confessing
Before thee humbly fall.
O, bless us in our praising,
O, help us in our praying.
And let us hear thee speaking
Within these sacred walls. [Chorus]