We Dare Not Idle Stand

We dare not idle stand,
While here on ev’ry hand
The broad and whit’ning fields declare the day of harvest near;
Thy gleaners we must be,
And gather, Lord, for thee,
That when thou callest we shall not with empty hands appear.

Working for the Master
For garners by and by,
More reapers yet are needed!
Who’ll answer, “Here am I!”

We dare not idle stand,
While over all the land
Are wand’rers, needing just the help of hands like thine and mine;
Far brighter than the gem
In monarch’s diadem
Each soul we win a star forever in our crown shall shine. [Chorus]

We dare not idle stand,
But at the Lord’s command
For him must faithful be and true thro’ all the harvest day;
The day will soon be past,
The evening come at last,
When everlasting life and joy will all our toil repay. [Chorus]