We Feel Thy Awful Chastening Rod

We feel thy awful chast’ning rod,
Thy sovereign justice we adore;
Yet we approach thy feet, O God,
Thy boundless mercy to implore.

Teach us to mourn for all our guilt;
May reformation fill the land;
No more may human blood be spilt,
But love and joy each heart expand.

To thee, O Lord, to thee alone,
We look for help, while drown’d in tears.
Send down salvation from thy throne;
Subdue our hearts, remove our fears.

Unite our souls to trust thy grace;
Portentous, angry clouds dispel;
Let party-feuds no more have place,
Nor tongues be “set on fire of hell.”

May the kind spirit of thy Son
Preside and rule in ev’ry soul;
That wars may cease, thy will be done,
And praise resound from pole to pole.