We Gather Again In The Name Of Our The L

We gather again in the name of our Lord,
As humble disciples to learn from His word;
We look in its pages true wisdom to know,
And follow our Saviour, wherever we go.

For Christ and the Church!
O hear the glad sound;
For Christ and the Church!
Let our watchword resound;
For “Christ and the Church!”
By God’s grace while we live,
Our whole-hearted service
We gladly will give.

Our Christian Endeavor-to honor His laws,
To work for His glory, be true to His cause;
To visit the lowly, the poor and oppressed,
And point them to Jesus for refuge and rest. [Refrain]

O Saviour, we ask Thee to grant us in love
Thy Spirit to teach us with light from above;
Revive all our members, give strength to our bands,
And prosper, we pray Thee, the work of our hands. [Refrain]